AML/KYC & GDPR. Managing AML Challenges in a Data Protection World

April 16, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Hilton Helsinki Strand Hotel
John Stenbergin ranta 4
00530 Helsinki
Elitsa Ivanova

Gain a deep understanding of global data protection laws and get better clarity on how it really affects your organisation and AML
activities. Despite the GDPR being implemented during May 2018, a lot of uncertainty and confusion exists with respect to its
application and how organisations can effectively evidence compliance. In the majority of cases, GDPR implementation projects and other data protection compliance initiatives are on-going.

Complying with laws governing privacy and cross-border data flows has never been more complicated. As the GDPR and other privacy
laws become more stringent and people become more aware of their rights, organisations need to be ready for challenges such as
requests for personal data, complaints about data processing and supervisory authority investigations. You cannot afford to hit the
snooze button on your GDPR compliance programme any longer.

The “Managing AML Challenges in a Data Protection World” course is an excellent environment for AML and financial service
professionals to come together to discuss their challenges, compare approaches and gain detailed insight into interpretation of the GDPR and related laws how to put data protection requirements into practice.

Delivered by AML/CTF and privacy subject matter experts, GDPR professionals and Data Protection Officers who have experience
formulating GDPR and other global privacy compliance strategies for a number of global organisations. The course is designed to be
easy to understand (and easy to implement) and suitable for professionals in any industry that handle personal data and who need
a better understanding of how GDPR will affect their business. To deliver the GDPR in a coherent way, a fictitious financial service
business will be used (with emphasis on AML/CTF/KYC considerations) in the case studies and scenarios as part of the worked examples. The considerations in each of the worked examples are relevant to many industries and departments.

You may be looking to gain a better knowledge of the GDPR, kick-start a data protection project, evaluate your own GDPR
implementation methods or looking for ways to improve existing initiatives. Whatever the reason, the “Managing AML Challenges in
a Data Protection World” are designed to provide you with practical and actionable GDPR compliance advice and guidance.

Due to the interactive nature of the GDPR course, places will be limited.

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